Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Week (Thursday)

Back to the Steeler talk.

Yesterday we talked about Groundhog Day.

It was one of only 15 times the Phil didn't see his shadow, and
said we'd have an early spring.

The sun started shining, and everyone was happy.

Then the wind/cold/snow showed up, and tweeked us
on our stiff nip-nips.

Back to the frigid reality about where we actually live.

Okay now we're really going to talk about the Steelers now.

Oh, before we do that.

We got an email yesterday.

From the same email address that Frank the Stank
sends from.

But this author is named...

Edgar Allen Stank

Yo newk.

I rwote a poem in honor of the super bowl. you should post it
for your readers to enjoy.

in a couple days, will be the big game
after that day, this town will never be the same

the steelers will crush, and hurt em with each hit
i already hate cheeze, cause i really like to s#!t.

Do you get it? you kno cause cheese be pluggin you up. I be eatin lotsa
lettuce to keep my stuff moving. Thats what the docs at the clinic be
tellin me to do. they called it ruffage or something.


That's a masterwork.

Not so much the poem, but the lesson on staying regular.

Well done, Frank.

Err.. Edgar.


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