Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some people question us on how many people are
actually involved with this website.

Fact is, there is not a specific number.

As we get many of our stories from readers, and family,
and friends.

Sometimes we even get breaking news, that is mysteriously
picked up by a local news outlet.

We aren't accusing them of boosting our stories.

But we're watching them.


So last night we got a call about a sink-hole forming in the
parking lot of the EKCC up near Martin school.

Not only did they tell us about it, they emailed pictures.

And not just any pictures...

These were back lit by the headlights of a NKPD cruiser.

The sink-hole started right next to this drain thingy.
(We're not big on technical jargon.)

It's big enough to fit a small adult.
Or even a large child.

And it could be growing!

Who knows...

By the time you read this, half of the laundromat could be
swallowed up in this monster.

We hope it's under control.

The EKCC does great work for the community, and can't afford
to fix a massive hole, if it is deemed their issue to deal with.

(We totally did a Beavis and Butthead chuckle at 'massive hole.')

Let's hope this gets taken care of quickly and cheaply.

This story just goes to show how great this site is.

It's grassroots reporting like this, that puts a smile on our faces.

Maybe you'll read about it in a day or two in the paper.

(Unless it's in there today... and if so, our crow tastes delicious.)


And just so you all know, there will not be a post tomorrow.

There is a specific reason for this.

We are not just being lazy.

It will all make sense come Monday.

So settle yourselves, and save your hate mail for some other website.

We're all filled up here.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Lucy said...

You sure that's not where that little plastic man yinz guys picture on here all the time lives?

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