Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Bowl Week (Tuesday)

Are you ready for this?

You better be, cause it's going down in 5 days.

Like we've said before...

Some things in this world are bigger than us.

The Steelers, in their 3rd super bowl in 6 years, qualifies
as not just big... but huge.

So this week, we won't talk about all the snow and ice we
got last night, and which will continue throughout today.

We won't talk about anything other than the Steelers.

The black and gold, and nothing else.

Get it?

Well, we may talk about Groundhog Day.

Or we may talk about our favorite TV shows or something.

Hell, we may even post an email if we get one.

But for now, this is our plan.

So prepare yourself.


Here we go.


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