Friday, February 11, 2011

Stinkbug Stronghold May Be Weakening

Many valley residents this past year have had to deal with
a big infestation of stinkbugs.

They found their way into many area homes, to find a warm
place to spend their winter.

They just be stinkin' peoples homes up.

But we've been getting reports of mass deaths of these goofy
little suckers.

Seriously, where are they going?

They just fart around with no particular place to go.

They're are like the stupid chicken of the insect world.

Cause when they do fly, it is with zero grace.

They just go head-first into walls and lights.

Honestly, it's like they just got their wings installed.

But anyways, they seem to be dying in big numbers
out there.

And we like to hear that.

We are sure if they're drinking purple kool-aid.

Or maybe they are committing hari kari?

We don't give a damn why they seem to be perishing.

We're just happy they are.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Except you, stinkbugs.

Go die somewhere, and stay out of our frosted flakes.


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