Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Already

So it's August here in the Newk.

And what have you done?

Go through this list and give yourself a point for each one
you've done...

Did you go to Community Days?
Did you have a blizzard from Dairy Queen?
(Triple points if you had one from the Freeport Rd. location)
Did you spend time on the Allegheny River?
Did you walk the Valley track?
Did you have a beer at Joe's Place?
Did you drive past the Biff wall, and say "where the eff is it?"
Did you go to the Memorial Day Parade?
Did you attend the New Ken Fireworks Block Party?
Did you eat a Rosa's pizza?
Did you throw a brick at your tv after watching Brenchal
walk through the door on Big Brother 13?
Did you buy anything at the Mt. Vernon Yard Sales?
Did you eat pancakes at the EKCC?
Did you party on Farm Hill?
Did you buy a Biff shirt?
Did you "like" every facebook post we made?
(We know there is only one person to get this one...
shout out
to John Doubt. Just sayin.)
Did you buy theNewk team a round of drinks?
Did you ask yourself... "Where has J-Dub been?"
Did you actually keep track of your score in this?

There it is.

Our Summer Game.

Post your score in the comments (if you can), or better yet,
under the link of this post on facebook.

Be a big winner like this guy.


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