Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Your" Killing Us

If you're on facebook, and you're friends with people
from New Kensington, it's likely that some of them have
been posting fond memories of theirs on a group wall.

Many of the memories are funny, witty, and downright awesome.

If you're a member, you already know this.

It's too bad that the grammar in the title of the group is what is
preventing us from joining in on the fun.

The name of the facebook group is :

"You know your from New Ken when..."

And we can't find it in our hearts to join a group like that.

We understand it's a common mistake to get your your/you're usage
a little mixed up.

But when you start a group about a city that is already looked
at with judging eyes, at least take the time to use spell check.

Are we right, people?

So we shall stand here, stubborn and bull-headed
until the name
of the group gets changed.

Maybe we will just share our stories of the New Ken
days of yore, right here?

Oh snap! We straight up went Middle English all up in yo face!


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