Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Smell Pigskin

With cooler temps allowing us to enjoying our days
without becoming too musty in our musty regions.

Our thoughts start to turn to football season.

C'mon people, is there any better way to spend a Friday
evening with friends and family than going out to support
your local high school football team?

Well, we can think of one, but we need a giant
stack of dollar
bills for that place.

We are a little less than 2 weeks away from our season opener
@ home, vs. our biggest rival Burrell.

And we are pumped.

No matter how the Vikings are projected to finish, you should
have no problem getting pumped up for this game.

We remember back in our day (the mid 90's), the build up to
the Burrell game.

There was a good bit of nonsense leading up to the game.

We won't get into details, but sales of spray paint and
toilet paper
would usually quadruple in the area.

We wonder what kids these days do to get ready for such a big game?

We will guess...

They will wear their pants below their asses, and take
a bunch of pictures of themselves in mirrors.

We are likely wrong, but we're damn close.


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