Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clear Our Name

A while back, we talked about how New Kensington/Arnold school
district was red flagged for possible cheating on the 2009
state assessment test.

They were one of 90 schools in Pa.

Most people around this area just figured we were guilty,
because we are New Ken, and New Ken is where the riff-raff

We knew in our hearts that we aren't cheaters.

We are many things, but cheaters... we are not.

But now it looks as though our name will be cleared.


The reason for the flagging, is that 9 registered students moved
out of the district and never took the test.

We assume something like that would make it
look like we told
the not-so-bright kids to stay at home that day,
so our
scores would be better.

We also had a low economic subgroup of 45 students, and only
39 took the test.

6 students moved, which explains that one as well.

We are happy to see our name clearing in the near future.


To those of you that passed judgment on the day the initial
allegations came out, we say to you...

Nah-na nah-na boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo.


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