Friday, August 19, 2011


We really do have the best readers.

It's just that sometimes our readers don't have the
best camera phones.

We got a text yesterday (only our closest or readers get our
text hotline, so now you have something to work towards).

That text had a picture in it, and the text was titled...

"My phone camera suckkkkkkks"

A truer statement has never been texted.

But the picture...

Oh, sweet baby Jesus, the picture...

Is awesome!

We looked at this picture with great wonderment.

A few minutes, and confused looks later, we texted back to
find out what the hell we were blankly staring at.

We got our answer...

It's the bat mobile!

Our friend was downtown having lunch, and saw some of the
filming of the new Batman movie.

Being a solid friend, she took a picture and sent it to us.

We told her that it was probably the greatest picture we have ever
received, and likely ever would.

We then told her it would be posted immediately.

She was stoked.

To the rest of you (and you also, C.), feel free to keep great
pictures coming.

Send em to our email, if you aren't on the "Yes Friends" text list.


We posted a J-Dub game yesterday.

It was great success.

We got a bunch of emails from winners.

This one stood out...

Hey guys,

He’s in the Leffe six pack. Great blogsite you have goin on here. I currently live in San Antonio, TX, but lived in New Ken until 80’. Went in the military and was stationed down south til 93’. Got out of the military and by then everything had changed (shutdown) back home so decided to stay down here. I lived on the corner of 5th st and 6th ave on the second floor of the house. Keep up the good work. Its nice to hear that things seem to be picking back up again.



We love those emails.

Thanks, J!

And thanks as well to the rest of you for playing and emailing.

Well played.


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