Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bring Em' Back

Not long, we talked about the disturbing amount of teachers
being let go by many area schools.

Sure we focused on New Ken/Arnold school district.

But that's what we do.

We talk about this area.

Seriously... is this your first time reading this site?

So anyways, we just heard that at least 1 teacher may be returning
to the halls of Fort Crawford elementary school this year.

It seems that a stipulation in the new contract limits class size
to 20 students.

The 1st grade class at that school was expecting 40 kids.

That's 2 classes.

How about our math skills, eh?

But so far there have been 53 kids enrolling for first grade.

So as soon as the school board members shake this illness that
prevented all but 2 of them to make the last meeting, they will
likely take the necessary steps to bring a teacher back.

(They must have come down with that Vacation Season Bug that's
been going around lately.)

They will also try to keep the in-school suspension monitors employed
this year, as sending kids home to watch tv and post on facebook,
isn't quite as much punishment as forcing them to do work in a cold
and flickering halogen light filled room, while sitting at a rather uncomfy desk.

Much like Joe Versus the Volcano...

Such an underrated movie.

Go add it to your Netflix queue.


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