Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WolfPack Of One

With back to school shopping in full swing, many area
children and their families are having a tough time
paying for all of the needed supplies.

Luckily, there are good people out there.
Other than us, duh.

The Salvation Army and Huntington Bank teamed up to give away
nearly 100 backpacks to local kids.

This is the 3rd year of backpack program.

Over 1000 kids in Western Pa will get a free backpack, with a notebook
and a pencil inside.

This really is a saving grace for many families, as the price of going
back to school raised 25% this year alone.


That's crazy.

Now, the backpacks didnt have the Teletubbies, or Elmo, or
Justin Bieber's swoopy haircut on them.

But they did have a nice array of flavors (colors) for the kids
to choose from.

Stories like this give us the warm fuzzies.

It would have been cool if programs like this were around back
when we were in school.

Although, we wouldn't rock anything but a sweet JanSport.


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