Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Heat Is Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh


Glenn Frey said it back in the 80's, that the heat was on.

And boy was he right.

He's like a Rock n' Rock Nostradamus.

What will happen next?

Maybe a smuggler will get the blues.

But seriously, it has been hot these past few days.

I know, I know...we shouldn't be complaining, because overall, it hasn't been
that bad of a summer. Heat wise, that is.

Which only sucks because we couldn't use the extreme heat as an excuse
to drink more beers.

But it has been good for the area pools.

It seems that this summer has been pretty hard on them, as rain and
cooler than normal temps have kept people away.

But this past Sunday and Monday, you could barely find a slab of cement to
lay down your beach towel and take off your crocs.

Pools in the Heights, Springdale, Vandergrift, Apollo and countless backyards
across our great newk, were overflowing with smiling aqua lovers.

We decided to crank the A/C and stay home, because the sight of our
half naked bodies has been known to start riots.

Los Angeles didn't riot because the Lakers won the NBA championship, it's
because we were in town and wanted to get some sun.



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