Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leech and Chong

It seems a few Leechburg folk have been doing some gardening
as of late.

It also looks like they will be spending a little time in the county lock-up as well.

Are they going to jail for growing giant tomatoes?
Were their cucumbers too phallic?
Did they decapitate a head of lettuce?
Maybe the jalapenos didn't have their citizenship.

As great as any of those scenarios would be, that's just not the case.
Even though those charges would make for a great episode of Court TV.

From what we hear, there were some funky plants growing amongst the tomatoes.


Not that funky.

Truth is, they were growing some marijuana plants and got caught.

"Total bummer, man."

Maybe they were too busy passing the dutchie, to realize that the plants had grown
as tall as a mighty oak.

And if that 6 year old kid wouldn't have fallen out of one of them, and broken his arm,
his parents might not have had to call the authorities.

(That part of the story isn't true. It was me that fell out and broke my arm.
Too many "puff puff gives," to maintain proper tree climbing balance.)

Hey, you never know...

Maybe Snoop will catch wind of this news and move his concert site to the
Leechburg VFC Social Hall.

"Let me hizzle that splizzle."


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