Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Shoots And Ladders.

So here's the deal.

We have a friend named David Cooper.

David Cooper takes unreal photographs.

From here on out, his name is David 'Super-Duper' Cooper.

I will refer to him as DSDC.

You are now in "the loop."

So, we were talking to DSDC the other day, and he mentioned that he'd like to
contribute to the Newk.

We said, "Rock on."
(To be honest, we begged him to contribute.)

2 days later, DSDC sent us an email with an attachment.

We were like rich kids on Christmas morning.
Ungrateful and bratty.

Here is what we unwrapped...

(click to see full size of the image)

How awesome is that?

So now you have been introduced to DSDC.
Your world will never be the same.

Here are the photo particulars:

Where - NKFD No. 1 on Fourth Ave.
When - October 2006 (dusk)
Taken by: David Cooper for Buzzy Photography

DSDC truly does great things with a camera, so if you need a photographer for
any event, we suggest you look him up.
Be sure to mention theNewk, so DSDC can call you a "time waster."

Find him and other samples of his work here:

And his friend:

We hope he sends us many more, as the pics we take with our blackberry
just don't seem to make the same statement as his.

Maybe we are too hard on ourselves?


theNEWK said...

Seriously...that picture is the shiz.

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