Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things We Miss (Hillcrest Plaza Edition)

Sometimes we go places and reminisce about how things used to be.

Now, we aren't that old.

But we have been around long enough to witness many changes to the Newk.

One of those being the Hillcrest Shopping Plaza, and surrounding businesses.

We remember and miss:

- The old Shop n' Save, and the funnel cake cart that would occasionally sit out front.
- Getting a cherry Icee and a soft pretzel at the Hills department store cafe.
- Sitting outside the Fashion Bug in the car, while our mom and sister were in there
shopping. Sometimes we'd eat a Rax turkey club.
- Never going into Radio Shack, because they were overpriced, and still are.
- Renting a fresh VHS video at Movies Plus.
- Crossing the street and buying a pack of Topps baseball cards at Kenny's Coin Store.
- Ponderosa all you can eat salad bar having the worst nacho cheese ever.
- Never setting foot in any of the stores that sit parallel to Leechburg Rd.
- The camcorder displays at Rex Tv and Appliance.

I'm sure there are tons of other things that we are forgetting.

But whatever. We tried.

Add your memories.
We won't judge.

And before we go today, we have a couple people to thank.

- The fine chefs at Top China Buffet...thank you.
- The men and women that build and paint speed bumps...thank you.
- The sweet woman at Aldi's today, that gave us her shopping cart, even though
we had no idea that they require a 25 cent deposit to use them...thank you.
- The rude woman at the last cash register, that treated us like jerks because we
were not familiar with Aldi's shopping protocol...thank you, wench.
(If it wasn't for your delicious chicken salad, we might never return.)


Anonymous said...

Loading prople in the back of a Pickup truck to watch Fireworks from the rear parking lot of Hills.

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