Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Of Our Favorite Roadways.

While cruising through the NewK, we have many roads that we prefer to drive upon.

And some roads we downright loathe.
(Linden Ave. - Between Animal Protectors and the convenience store formerly known as CoGo's being our least favorite.)

But one of the best, is 3rd Ave.
aka: "The Parnassus Freeway"

This road has it all.

- 2 lanes each way
- Beautiful stone and sand mountain vistas
- No speed limit (ala the Autobahn)

For years this road has been overlooked, and we won't stand for it
any longer!

Seriously, take a drive and see how she handles.

May we recommend the racetrack like "S" curve, right after the light at the
old hospital and new Napa intersection?

It's a doozy.

You can go half way, hang a louie, and be at Eat n' park in a jiffy.
Or you can take it to the limit and get a car wash, grab a happy meal, and even
get a prescription filled all within a 100 yards of each other.

Be honest...
Who hasn't imagined themselves trying to climb up one of those sand heaps?

(We are going to purchase a treadmill with a steep incline, just like the one Ivan Drago
trained on, so we can make it all the way to the top, when we finally get up the
nerve to attempt
such a challenging feat.)

"I must break you."


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