Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Are, We Are...

The youth of the nation.

Actually, some of us are quite old.

But we don't care about age around here, we care about being popular.

And what better way to become popular, than to become a rock star?

And if you can't be a rock star, you could be an actor.

And if you can't be an actor, maybe you work behind the camera.

And if you don't know how to run a camera, maybe you can be a location.

That's it!

"The Newk" isn't just about New Kensington.
It's about this entire area of Pa., so don't go all elitist on us.

And as some of you may know, this area was featured in a music video.


Yes, seriously.

Back in 2002, the band P.O.D. had a hit song called Youth Of The Nation.

And in the video for that song, there are scenes that take place around here.

You don't believe us?
Well, take a look for yourselves.

Points of interest:
0:28 - Freeport Rd. in Creighton heading towards C.L. Schmitt bridge.
0:35 - Coming into downtown New Ken via the C.L./New Ken bridge.
0:40 - Turnpike entrance in Harmarville.
0:43 - Coming onto C.L./NK bridge from the Creighton side.
0:48 - Towards turnpike entrance from Cheswick side.

Watch it now...

See, we told you.


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