Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Back To School, Back To School...

"To prove to dad, that I'm not a fool."

So it seems as though many area people are trying to get their "learn on."

Because the new WCCC campus (downtown Newk) is seeing record numbers.

First of all, that place is really nice.
We would go just to hang out.
That's how nice it looks.

They have had a school branch around here for many years.

It used to be in the former Terrace Elementary building up in the A.C.T.

But this January, they moved into their new digs on 5th avenue.

And the students have been growing ever since.
(Not actually growing, as that would be kinda creepy, and the health department
would get involved.)

But the numbers are approaching 400 for the start of classes this Thursday.

That's a lot.

So we would like to say congratulations to the school, and especially to all the new
students taking that difficult first step to better themselves.

Kudos to you all.

Are you packing a chocolate Snack Pack for lunch?

We would totally pack a ton of Ho-Ho's if we were going back to school.

On second thought, if we get to eat Ho-Ho's everyday, we might enroll tomorrow.

"Oh really, fool?"


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