Friday, August 28, 2009

On a Wing and a Prayer.

We received another email worthy of print.

Actually, most of the emails we get, would be fun to post.

Too bad we have so many other interesting and insightful things to talk about.

It's hard being this awesome.

This is really a great email.

Be prepared to be blown away.


What is your favorite place to eat chicken wngs? I have my favorites.
What are yours?

Can you put this on the site?

That really is a question with many layers and delicious sauces, Dave.

Now, we could just rattle off some of our regular stops.
But what fun would that be?

Here's what is going to happen.

We would like you, the reader, to suggest local wing joints for us to sample.
Preferably places that offer cold beer to help wash them down.

We will try to eat at as many of those places as we possibly can.
(This might be the greatest idea of all time.)

After we eat there, we will make a post with our findings.

When the grease finally clears, we will name our favorite wing spot.

It's official...we are geniuses.

(Is geniuses the plural version of genius?)

Okay, so maybe we aren't that smart.

But we sure as hell are clever.
And hungry.

So let's get going.

Leave us a comment here with your suggestion, or on our facebook page.

Just like the site, your suggestion doesn't have to be based in New Kensington.
We have a vehicle, and are willing to drive for winged delights.

Maybe we can even talk DSDC into tagging along to take pictures of these treats.

We accept this mission.

"To inwingity, and beyond!"


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