Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Nibble Here, A Nibble There.

So last evening, we reaped the rewards of having generous friends.

This friend decided to hook my woman and I up with some tickets to the
"Taste of Allegheny Valley" event being held at the Syria Mosque.

And here is a picture of those tickets...


So we pulled up, and I realized, again, just how nice that place is.

So I took another picture for those of you without tickets...
(This picture would have sucked if it weren't for that nice summer breeze.)

We arrived right at the starting time of 5:30, but the place was already pretty filled up.

People dressed in their Tuesday best, came hungry and happy.

This was our view as we approached the pavilion...
Sweet shirt on that guy.

We got through security, and stopped at the wine booth to sample some vino.


We made our way to the beer station and tossed back a cold one.

Now that we were half-tuned, it was time to mangi'are.

We had pizza.
We had cold-cuts.
We had ice cream.
We had tomato and mozzarella skewers.
We had a smiley cookie.
We had more wine.
We had 1 meatball.
We had ladylocks.
We had a different kind of pizza.
We had banana cream pie.
We had a pulled pork sammy.
We had overworked napkins.
We had some chicken dish.
We had more beer.
We had caramel popcorn.
We had one red skin potato half.

Everything was very tasty.
Well, everything except the chicken dish, and I love chicken, but it
was kind of 'meh.

Now it may sound like a lot, but sadly you don't get entire portions of these items.

So you can stop looking at us like that.

Anyways, we met up with a few friendly faces, and overall had a really good time.

Even when a woman claimed to know me "from last night."
I got a bit of a raised eyebrow look from the wife, as we both knew I stayed in
the previous evening. (Or so she thinks...muahahaha!)

But all was cleared up when she realized she had me confused with another
dashingly handsome young man.

Thank goodness for that, as I hate sleeping on the couch.

Oh yeah.

Here is a picture of other people that found their way to Cheswick...
(Their faces have been blacked out to protect the innocent.)

So there you have it.

We went, we drank, we ate, and we networked a little bit.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a late August evening.

(Thanks again, L)


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