Friday, September 25, 2009

Bear With Us.

We've had a pretty involved week here at theNEWK.

Involved might not be the correct word, let's just say it's been busy.

What with the parade story, the videos, and the latest wing review.

And just think if we cared about the G20 drama.

What are we getting at?

I'm going to tell you.
Simmer down.

Friday is always kind of a wildcard day on this site.

And this Friday is no different.

Let's just say we found a video.

A video featuring the great town of New Kensington.

Can we say that this video is a little bit strange?
(Sure we can, to be honest we can say anything we want, seeing as it's our site.)

Want proof?

Here is where we typed something about a "corn-turd," just to prove our powers to you.
Then we decided that it might be a
bit too disturbing for some of our readers, so we
left out the whole "corn-turd" bit.

Back to the video.

Not quite sure what's more off-putting...

Is it the 80's style porno music?
Or is it the space taxi that appears at 48 seconds in?

You be the judge.


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