Thursday, September 17, 2009

Preparations Have Been Made

We spent a good bit of time today purchasing and preparing items for
this Saturday's parade in Lower Burrell.

And by the sounds of it, this thing is gonna be big.

Really big.

As big as the Super Bowl?

As big as the Emmy Awards?

As big as our ego?
Not quite.

But trust us, this thing will be worth seeing.
(And not just to find out what theme we decided on.)

The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses will be there.

The Shriners and their little cars will be there.

And we, the NewK, will be there.
With our party hats on.


It's email time!

We got this one the other day, and it was perfect in many ways...


I have no idea who runs this thing, but I wanted to express my thanks to you. Normally, everyone just mocks the LBC and surrounding areas, but it's refreshing to see someone who celebrates it--but still with a tinge of good humor!



We told you it was perfect.

First, she referred to us as a "thing."
That's awesome.

Second, she has great manners, as she thanked us for what we do.
That's just good parenting.

Next, she used a local slang term for Lower Burrell City, "LBC."
That proves she's "down." And we dig it.

She then says that we use humor on our site.
That's actually the one problem here. We consider ourselves a top-notch local news source, and take the things we do very seriously.


Do you think Wingapalooza is a joke?

So obviously, we are not using 'humor' in any way.
(We actually prefer sarcasm.)

Other than that, we thank you Stephanie.
Your kind words are an inspiration to us, and we appreciate you taking
time out of your day to drop us a positive email...

I hope we continue to amuse you.


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