Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wingapalooza 2009 (Stop #2)

After many suggestions on where the next stop on our quest
for winged treasures, we decided on...

The Rainbow in Freeport.

And we are happy we did.

Let me just tell you, as David "DSDC" Cooper and I strolled into this quaint
little establishment nestled between Buffalo Creek and the Allegheny River, we
knew with our noses that a splendid and tasty evening awaited us.

Seriously, we were ready to throw down.

But first things first.

We met up with a couple friends who we asked to join us, and lucky for us,
they introduced us to the owner Phyllis.

She and her husband Jim have owned The Rainbow for 11 years, and have
been serving their scrumptious seasoned wings the entire time.

Granted we have never been to Phyllis and Jim's home, but we couldn't imagine feeling
any more welcome than she made us feel this evening.

Now, we've been told that wing night at the Rainbow is on Saturday, starting
at 5pm and ending when the wings run out. Which we hear could happen
quite early, depending on the crowd that given night.

So if you finish reading this, and decide you'd like to try out some of their best selling
whole seasoned wings for the super-special price of $0.45 each,
jump on your steed and ride.

Ride hard, and ride fast.

Because if DSDC and I beat you there, you might have to wait for the next Saturday.

That's a promise.

Actually, you can get these wings 6 days a week (closed on Sundays), as well as
many other tummy pleasing options. They open at 11 am, and the kitchen closes
usually around 9 or 10 pm (the bar is open until 2 am).

Let's get down to the grub already, shall we?

They offer 2 styles of chicken wings...

The popular seasoned, and the sauce laden buffalo wings.

Can you guess which ones we ordered?

If you said both, we have a bingo.

Seeing as we had a couple minutes before our food arrived, and the fact that they
serve cold beer at The Rainbow, who are we to not order up a couple chilly ones?
We're not rude.
How thirsty did we just make you?

The wings got there lickity-split, and we dove right in to the seasoned (shown with a
side of Rainbow Sauce). And let me tell you what. These things were everything and
more than we expected.Cooked perfectly, with a nice crisp outside, and an ultra juicy inside. We didn't really need
the dipping sauce. But it was such a perfect compliment, that we dunked each bite as
if we were mad at the table below.

They are everything a seasoned wing should be.

We moved on to the buffalo wings, without even taking a breath. Okay, I need to just stop here for a second.

Look at that picture.
Seriously, go back and look at it again.

Do I even need to write anything about these wings?

That picture alone should have you lacing up your New Balance shoes and jumping
into your fuel efficient Hyundai Accent, and twittering about it as you drive so your
friends can meet you there.

They were good, very good.
Was there actually any question about that after looking at them?

Our dinner friends ordered up some of the Rainbow Fries,
and these things were outstanding.
David Cooper said it best when he emailed me...

"The Rainbow fries were cheesy, gooey, messy goodness that were
nothing but love in a basket...with bacon."

I think that pretty much sums them up perfectly.

Another dinner mate had a fresh grilled chicken salad that sounded very crisp
and delectable.
We were not offered a bite of this culinary masterpiece, but we did notice that not
one word left his mouth as he ate it, so we assume it tasted as good as it looked.

The table was emptied in record time, proving that all of our readers that
suggested this place, couldn't have been more on point.

It was time to head out, but not before we had another beer.
You know, to help the digestion process.

Phyllis, the bartender, and also the cook. Great job everyone.
To everyone that told us to go there.
To our dinner friends, J and T.
Once again to
And to all the chickens that gave their lives so we could eat them with sauces.

The Rainbow
323 Second St. Freeport Pa.
Free fries on Tuesday and Thursday with any sandwich purchase from 6-9.
Bud and Bud Light specials during Penguin games.


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