Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Brother Is Watching You.

Not the Big Brother on CBS.

We stopped watching that when Michelle got evicted.
(Seriously, is Natalie the most vile human you have ever seen?)

Now that we got that off our chest, back to the story.

Fact is, the great city of Arnold is installing 3 shiny new cameras to keep an
eye on the streets.

They are placing them in the business district on 18th, 17th and 15th streets.

These cameras will be used to capture images of vandalism or other illegal activities.

Also, any humorous footage worthy of an appearance on AFV.
(So if you have any plans of being hit in the testicles with a blunt object, the city would prefer you do it on those specific streets, hopefully when the sun is shining nice and bright.)

Seriously though, the city patrolmen/patrolwomen will be able to access these
cameras via their in-vehicle laptops.

Which means, that in between setting their fantasy football lineups, and reading
theNEWK, they will be able to check in on you.

Now don't feel singled out.

A bunch of other local towns have installed such cameras.

Freeport, Ford City, Kittanning, Oakmont and Verona are all using video surveillance.

Verona has 14 cameras within city limits.
(We will now refer to Verona as "Hollywood East.")

(We googled "Movie Star," for a picture to go along with that joke,
and this guy showed up. *He is a wig model.)


We can't do anything better than that guy.
We have totally lost our train of thought.
The wig model has KO'd us for the day.

Have a great Thursday.

Go Steelers.


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