Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're Cold.

What happened?

The weather just straight flipped the script on us these last few days.

One day, we're wearing jorts and mesh half-shirts.
And now we're sporting long john underwears, and fleece hoodies.

It's ridiculous.

Not only was it cold, it was frickin' windy too.

So windy that we were forced to leave our toupee at home, as we'd be very embarrassed
if it were to blow off in public.

Now, there is a chance we are a bit spoiled by the great weather this past September
has provided. But that doesn't change the fact that we had to smell the humbling
odor of the furnace running for the first time of the year.

Other than cookies baking, or a Wendy's chili there any smell more
recognizable than the furnace's first heat blast after a long summer off?

By the looks of things, we will be back in the 60's after today.

Although it looks to be a soggy few days heading into the weekend.

Let's hope something interesting happens around here before tomorrow, as the
fact that we have to talk about the weather is depressing us.


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