Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Child O'Nine


In honor of today, we will list 9 things you should do in the Newk before you die.
(Or move away.)



1. Eat at Denny's on Tarentum Bridge Rd. at 3am on a Saturday.
(Be sure to pay close attention to the regulars that sit at the counter.)

2. Pick out a Thanksgiving day turkey at Pound's Turkey Farm.
(Gobble gobble, ya'll.)

3. Drive down Coxcomb Hill on a rainy Friday midnight, and look for
the ghost of the jogger lady.

4. Schedule a spelunking trip to the Tour Ed Mine.
(We think it's more walking, than spelunking...but whatever. Spelunking isn't
a word we get to use very often.)

5. Storm the beaches of Normandy.
(Drink at Normandy Bar in Parnassus before noon.)

6. Glen's Custard.
(Enough said.)

7. Stroll across the shaky walking bridge that connects Leechburg and Hyde Park.

8. Write your name on the dam wall in Braeburn.

9. March in a parade.
(That reminds us, we still have spots available to walk with theNEWK. Email us today!)

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Did we miss anything?

Have you done any of these?


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