Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lower Burrell Is Putting On the Ritz.

(Click image to see it full sized.)

So this Saturday is the big day.

There will be all kinds of fun to be had in the LBC, starting at 1pm with the parade.
In which we will be participating.

And remember, if you cheer loud enough for us, we might just pelt you
with some delicious candy treats.

We will be near the end of the parade (like Santa), so don't leave early.

And after the parade ends, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy
until the big fireworks show that night.

We here at the NewK love fireworks.

Not so much the ones people fire off in their backyards.
But the big professional ones that look like golden weeping willows, or purple
sparklicious palm trees.

Those get us all jacked up, like we would be, if we were about to 'summer' at
Kellerman's Resort, ala Dirty Dancing.

Speaking of which, the great Patrick Swayze has passed away after a
battle with cancer.

He starred in such NewK favorites as the aforementioned Dirty Dancing,
Point Break, Road House, and Red Dawn.

God speed, Pat.You will be missed.


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