Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fastest. Weekend. Ever.

That weekend sped by faster than I drive when I gotta get home to use the bathroom.

Whoa, that's fast!

Seriously, where did it go?

Tuesday already?

The extended weekend was a blur for us here at the newk.

But we did manage do take a few notes of some happenings that ensued.

First: We kinda took Friday off.
Sorry about that.

Second: Some of us made the journey to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
on Saturday. That place is a trip. It will be going on for another 4 weekends, and we
think it's well worth the drive to check it out.
May we suggest the smoked turkey leg? Yumm.
(Those that went, took no pictures. Can you believe it?)

Thirdly: Sunday was spent cooking out and drinking with friends. Maybe the last
BBQ of the year. Kinda depressing.
(Pictures were taken, but are not suitable for impressionable eyes.)

Fourth Meal: The rains came Monday, and we sent our soggy bottom field reporters to
the 30th annual Labor United Celebration at Northmoreland Park.
(They also took no pictures.)
They made us aware of an entertaining musical set by the Vogues, featuring one
of our favorite tunes "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."
We were also told of the most popular t-shirt choice for the event...

"On Ice or Grass, We'll Kick Your Ass."

And when they say "grass," we assume they are not referring to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Who used this long weekend to set the all-time record for consecutive losing
seasons by a professional franchise. 17 magical seasons.


On a more serious and somber note.

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to the families of the people injured in the vehicle
collision that happened this past Sunday on Route 366.
A Lower Burrell teenage girl was killed, and four other people were injured in the crash.
We would like to extend her family every comforting thought we have to offer.


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