Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get To Know a Newker.

When we sat for our first official NEWK meeting, way back in 2009, we talked
about running some stories about local personalities and such.

We even mentioned it in some of our earliest works.

Unfortunately, it has taken us much longer than first imagined to construct a proper
interview, that was worthy to grace our distinguished pages.

But wait no longer.

As our crack team has come to the rescue.

May we present to you, a man that goes by many names...

Fireman Frankie

theNEWK: What is your name, and what do you do?

Fireman Frankie: "My name is Frank J. Sarno...... friends call me Frankie, to the nightlife "DJ Frankie", and to my friends at theNEWK "Fireman Frankie" lol. I am a Mechanic / Electrician / DJ / Volunteer Fire Fighter.... I know, I know.... That's a lot. Right now, I'm a mechanic for my family's business in New Kensington (Mar Mac Tire Co.) and i have a side business as a DJ (FNF Entertainment). I belong to New Kensington Fire Dept #1, where I hold a line officers position as 2nd Lieutenant. This year i will have 15 years in the fire service."

theNEWK: Whereabouts were you raised, and where did you go to school?

FF: "I was born in New Ken and raised on Main St. in Parnassus. Grade schools I went to: Edgewood, Fort Crawford, and Mt. St. Peters. I spent my high school days at St. Joe's in Natrona Heights and graduated in 1996. I then went to Triangle Tech and got an Associates Degree. Finished that in 1997."

theNEWK: Name 3 local places that you like to grab dinner and/or a drink.

FF: "Do Drop Inn, Natrona Heights,PA (Eat and Drink)
Woodpeckers Pub & Grub, Upper Burrell,PA (Eat and Drink)
Mulligan's Clubhouse, Cheswick,PA (Eat and Drink)"

theNEWK: How did you hear about theNEWK.com?

FF: "Facebook....... and i've been addicted ever since! lol"

theNEWK: Pick any number between 12 and 14.

FF: "13....... Why?"
(We ask the questions around here, okay Frankie?)

theNEWK: What is the best place you have visited and why?

FF: "Italy in 1990. Went to see my Grandparents for a month. It was their 50th Wedding Anniversary."

theNEWK: Do you wash your goatee with regular soap, or do you use shampoo? (Answer “n/a” if you live life facial hair free.)

FF: "Good question!! I shampoo it!"

theNEWK: You are on a deserted island that has a pizza shop, and you must pick 1 topping for the rest of your life. What is it?

FF: "Italian Sausage!"

theNEWK: Do you have hobbies?

FF: "Music, Cars, Technology"

theNEWK: Are you good at impersonating anyone famous?

FF: "People tell me i look like Smash Mouth. I'm a man of many talents. To answer this question I will say Frank Sinantra!"

theNEWK: Are you for, or against, the designated hitter in baseball?

FF: "I don't watch Baseball...... Hockey and Football!"

theNEWK: What about this area, do you like the most?

FF: "The History of New Kensington and the small town. The fact that everyone knows your name.... well, Almost everyone. lol Thought about leaving so many times, but there's just something about it that keeps me here."

theNEWK: Do you have anything that you would like to plug? (We are talking about a business or a cause or something. Please don’t make a vile joke using the word “plug,” on our distinguished website.)

FF: "My family's business, Mar - Mac Tire Co. located at 345 Main St. in New Kensington. We are a Goodyear Tire dealer and auto repair center. We've been in business for over 50 years. www.marmactire.com

FNF Entertainment, DJ Frankie over 6 years experience. Top of the line equipment, digital music library, lights, and sound. Bar's, Nightclubs, Weddings, Adult Parties. www.myspace.com/fjsarno or www.facebook.com/FrankSarno or DJ_Frankie@comcast.net"

theNEWK: What was your favorite and least favorite question that you just answered?

FF: "Fav..... hmmmmm all of them but one.
Least....... Baseball... lol"

First off, we'd like to thank Fireman Frankie for taking the time to answer our
groundbreaking questions.

Our hard-hitting nature tends to intimidate many regular folk.

Frankie was not one of those folk.
He answered honestly, and without hesitation.

Other than that one time where he got sassy, and we had to put him in his place.

The one question we forgot to ask him, is if he plays "Breakfast a Tiffany's" by
Deep Blue Something during his DJing gigs.

We here at theNEWK love that tune.
(Even the uber-rare acoustic German import version.)

Maybe we'll get lucky, and he'll leave a comment with the answer.

We really hope you enjoyed this piece.

If so, let us know so we can find more interesting people to bother.


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