Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You In A Helpful Mood Today?

We've gotten a couple emails recently, asking for
some assistance.

We don't have much of a book collection, so we
weren't the answer these folks were looking for.

So, on to Plan B.

You all.

In the past, we've learned how helpful our fellow
Newkers could be.

We can only hope that the good nature of you all, shines
through once again.

Here is the email...

Dear theNEWK,

This may not be what you consider a "hard-hitting story." However, if nothing else, it's something to post on your site in hopes that someone will be able to help out a fellow AK-Valley resident.

My dad and I have been searching high and low for Arnold High School yearbooks from the early 1940s. We started the process a couple of months ago because we were looking for old photos of my grandparents, but now, it has turned into something more. Simply put, we're intrigued by these seemingly nonexistent yearbooks. We've been to Peoples Library; we've been to the Alle-Kiski Heritage Museum. I've even been in contact with the Arnold Chamber of Commerce, where it was confirmed that there is indeed a series of years that is missing from the city's yearbook collection.

Maybe someone out there who's reading your blog can solve the mystery!

Thanks, and keep up the great work. I love reading theNEWK.

I hope that some of you are trying to think of a
particular box in the attic, that may solve this mystery.

If you have any info, or books.
Please email us, and we'll pass that info along to Stephanie.

Pictured, is the one we recently purchased at a flea market.

Will it help?

Please email us at


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