Thursday, January 7, 2010

Story Update (Datolla Theatre)

You may remember, back in late August.

We wrote a piece about the Dattola Theatre, and the
group of people trying to reopen it.

Read about it HERE.

Everything seemed like it was in order, and we
here at theNEWK were really looking forward to it.

We couldn't wait to see a movie, or take in the
latest production by the New Ken Civic Theater.

But we got some disheartening news recently.

The plans have been put "on hold."

What we heard was, there are a couple people at city hall
that put up a few obstacles.

That's rather vague, but we take what we can get.

Now listen, we aren't here to take sides.

There are a few people out there, that know exactly
what is happening with this.

We, just don't happen to be any of those people.

All we know is, this is news we didn't want to hear.

It wasn't that long ago, that they put on a nice fund
raiser down there.

Music, food, classic cars, etc.

Here is a picture we took of the Theatre, as we
drove up to it.

They seemed to have a really good turnout that day,
and people were genuinely excited about it.

We can only hope, that the excitement will turn into reality.

Maybe with the new mayor taking office, the issues faced
over the last couple months can be worked out.

Or maybe not.

As we always say...

We don't like getting involved in politics.
Unless of course, we ourselves have the power to change things.

Which will probably never happen.

Keep hope alive.


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