Friday, January 8, 2010

Run For Your Lives!

As the ominous news of a huge snowstorm approaching
(2-4 terrifying inches), locals do what they normally do...

Overreact, and run full speed to the nearest grocer, to
stock up on the essentials.

Rock Salt

What really confuses us, is why people don't stock
up on condoms and hot cocoa.

Honestly, if you find yourself "snowed in," what
better things are there to keep you warm?

Back to our original thought.
(We apologize for getting distracted.)

We find it strangely amusing that people still freak
out when snow is in the forecast.

It's not as if we don't average 43.5 inches of snow
per year.

Normally, we wouldn't care what people do with their
time and money.

It just so happened that today was our day to go
grocery shopping, and we had the pleasure of sharing
the aisles with a couple hundred panicked consumers.

You couldn't imagine the looks I received, as I leisurely
browsed through the consumables.

With my ipod playing my shopping mix (consisting mostly
of rock and hip-hop, with the occasional Tony Christie track),
the music kept me from flying around like a speed-freak.

Which seems to have mystified the others.

They stared at me with wondrous disbelief, as my
relaxed persona slapped them in the face.

Many felt the need to try and rile me up, with the news
of the coming blizzard.

But my headphones prevented their message from
penetrating my ears.

I also feel as though my calm nature angered some folks.

Why would I get such a feeling?

Because, even though the shelves were stocked with many
varieties and sizes of milk, a 90 year old woman almost
shanked me as I reached for a half gallon of 2%.

It is normal for us to do our weekend weather report
on Friday.

But we're fairly sure you already have a pretty good idea.

So instead, we give you this...


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