Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beat The Winter Blues

We know, we know.

It's snowing.

It's snowing a lot.

It's cold as well.

Stop updating your twitter and facebook about it.

We get it.

Now, since we live in this area, we should all
be mentally prepared for these times of bluster.

Some of us (you) complain about it.

Some embrace it.

Here are some things for you to do, rather
than bitch and moan.

- Go tubing at Boyce Park.
- Shovel an elderly neighbor's walk.
- Don't charge your elderly neighbor for said services.
- Have a snowball battle.
- If your elderly neighbor offers meatballs as payment,
we allow you to accept them.
- Find a nearby hill, and sled ride that sucker.
- Ice fishing at Northmoreland Park.
- Snow shoeing at Deer Lakes Park.
- Come surprise us, by cleaning off our car in the morning.
- Make a mug of hot cocoa.
- Build a snowman.
- Make a big fat snow angel.
- Play with your children, or your pet outside.
- Grow a winter beard.
(Top or bottom, your choice.)

See, there are tons of things you can be doing.

You may choose to do some of these ideas, or you
may choose to catch up on your DVR.

We won't judge you, whatever you decide.

But the next time you see a jolly/bearded/pudgy guy, lying
in his yard, flailing his arms and legs all about...

Just know, that we chose to make the snow angel.

Yes, that was meatball sauce on our cheeks.


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