Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peep It While You Can

It turns out, there is a leaning tower right in our
own little hood.

That's right kids.

Just across the Allegheny, sitting in the little town
of Tarentum, we have our own version of the Italian

Only ours looks more like an old laundromat.

Known as the "Leaning Tower of Tarentum," it resides
at 203 Fifth Ave.

The building has been condemned for over a year now.

Due to the leaning, and other various problems.

The city is trying to get the owner to have the
building torn down.

They have also attempted to get state grant money
to have it razed.

But there it sits, tilting and mocking everyone that
wants to see it demolished.

This building has attitude, and we dig that.

To be completely honest.

We seriously wanted to don berets, and have someone
take our picture standing in front of it, as if it were some
sort of tourist attraction.

We thought it would be an awesome picture to go
along with this post.

But we didn't have the time, as this story couldn't wait
a minute longer.

And our berets are at the dry cleaner.

If any of our readers have the moxie to attempt
such a photo.

Please email us a copy of it, and you will surely be named
theNewk's "Reader of the Week."


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