Friday, January 15, 2010

King For The Weekend

So here is a great story.

At 2:30 am the other morning, a 39 year old
woman walked into a Tarentum convenience
store and demanded money from the male clerk.

She said, "I'm not kidding."

The clerk said, "no."

At that point, she reached behind the counter, and
tried to grab some cash.

The clerk swatted her hand away.

The woman then said, "I have a gun in my jacket and
I will shoot you. Give the money."

The clerk then told her, "get out of the store."

On her way out, she knocked some crap over, and got
into a red suv.

She was later picked up by police in East Deer.

She is charged with robbery, criminal attempt, simple
assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkeness.

What a buffoon.

And now your Newk Weekend Weather Report:

"It's gonna be kinda warm, and a little wet."

Editor's Note:

We apologize if Nic's (our weatherman) report sounded
vaguely perverted.


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