Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Your Flippy Floppys Ready

That's right kids, you better get all the
essentials ready...

Flip Flops
Beach Towels
Nose Plugs
Water Wings
Board Shorts
Teeny Bikinis
Suntan Lotion

What are we talking about?

Water parks.

That's what.

And the fact that we will be doing cannonballs
into a large pool of water, very soon.

And we're not going to have to travel all that
far to do it.

Because the sweet smell of chlorination will soon
be wafting through the air at the Pittsburgh
Mills Mall.

Turns out, a company that owns and operates 12
of these indoor parks/hotels across the nation, is
planning on building one here.

We are doing a happy dance.

Seriously, we love a good water park.

We love lazy rivers.
We love whirlpools.
We love water slides.
We love super soakers.
We love spas.
We love fitness centers.
We love arcades.
We love having a reason for our wife to
shave our back.

We love it all!

This really is exciting news, as we were heartbroken
when the go-cart track was ixnayed.

Cause if there's one thing we like more than a water
park, it's a go-cart track.

Seriously, we take our go-carting very seriously.


Can you tell how serious we are?



Anonymous said...

That's crazy!!! Crazy good!!!

theNEWK said...

We agree. Who's down for some Marco Polo?

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