Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bird Talk In The Winter

As if you didn't already know, today is
National Bird Day.

We feel it's rather strange that they made
a day in the dead of winter, dedicated to birds.

It's weird because most of the birds around
here, have flown to warmer climates.

Sure they'll be back one day.

But that's not the point, really.

If we are to take a day to enjoy the songs, and
flight of these creatures, shouldn't they have
waited until summer?

I'll be completely honest with you.

I can't stand birds.

- They poo on my car.
- They chirp outside my window in the morning.
- They tempt my dog into chasing them, in turn,
pulling on her leash, nearly knocking me over.
- They eat worms that I could use for fishing.
- And let's be honest, they act a bit 'stuck up.'

The one local image I think of, when I think
of birds, is the huge steel structure that bridges
over the entrance to the Pittsburgh Mills.

Take a look at it, the next time the birds are
in town.

They drop copious amounts of bird dirt on that thing,
as well as the road below.

It almost makes it look as though it snowed in
the middle of summer.

Which is a strange coincidence, as we hadn't
planned on connecting our previous bitch
session with this fact.

Which makes us look like fools.

Just goes on to prove my point...

I hate birds.

Random Article Fact:

My grandmother coined the term "bird dirt."

You may use it, if you wish.


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