Friday, January 22, 2010

Sayonara Shop 'N Save

Crappy news coming out of the Newk yesterday.

Turns out, the downtown Shop 'n Save will be
closing it's doors for good sometime soon.

(The former Foodland, for you old-timers.)

The most recent owner, Joe Spagnolo, says the
store hasn't been profitable since 2006.

He owns 5 other grocery stores, so "no big whoop."

Although, it's kind of a "big whoop" for the locals
that get there groceries there.

Many older residents walk, or take the bus there.

And it would be a shame if that luxury is taken from them.

I mean, we realize that you can't run a business, if
it's losing you a bunch of money.

That's just not how it works.

We just think it sucks that they are finished.

The worst feeling of all, is some of us here live closer
to that store, than any other grocery store in the area.

And we hardly ever went in there.

It's not as if our purchases of diet mountain dew and
spiral mac 'n cheese would have made them profitable.

(Well, maybe we could have come close.)

Now, they are saying that they're trying to get another
retailer in there.

But wouldn't mention any names.

I guess the saying is true...

"Snitches get stitches."

Here is your Newk Weekend Weather Report:

"This weekend has a little bit of everything, just like
my movies. Don't forget, I used to make movies."


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