Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Man, The Myth, The Clown?

We are going to keep this short, because what
follows is too good to put off any longer.

Without any further ado, we present to you...

Debo The Clown

theNEWK: What is your name, and what do you do?

Debo: My name is Debo the Clown and I am a ballon twistin, clown-magic-doin, comedy jugglin, unicycle-ridin, joke-tellin, make you laugh so hard you might wet yourself clown. Sometimes just for a laugh, I dress as a regular person, what a howl!

theNEWK: We love your fashion sense. Where do you shop for clothes?

Debo: Actually the outfit that I usually wear was made for me by a woman named Suz. She was the Wardrobe Coordinator/Consultant for the movie King of the Road. I was in it and wouldn’t you know it hasn’t been released yet. You can still check their website www.kingoftheroadmovie.com. I also have a tux for more formal things, whatever that may be. As far as the rest of it, dumpsters can be a clowns best friend. What, don’t act like you’ve never gone dumpster divin.

theNEWK: What is it about being a clown, that makes you happy?

Debo: I bring joy and laughter to the young and old. The laughs usually come at my expense but every now and again I get real lucky and get people to laugh at themselves. A clown friend of mine (yes all clowns know each other) always says “laugh at yourself, everyone else does!” When you interact with a child, regardless of their age, the only thing better than the smile on their face is seeing the smiles on the faces of their parents and anyone else watching.

theNEWK: Do clowns use the internet?

Debo: What’s that, the computer thing? What’s so great about “surfing the web?" Everytime I put my surfboard on my computer it doesn’t go anywhere. Seriously, YES-all the time. There is a clown-shoe size amount of info that is so helpful. We clowns share ideas all the time, some are debolicious (a real word look it up) and some get tossed out like a broken balloon. By the way, my rubber chicken Gladys eats those, so if you see us somewhere please feed her. Thanks!

theNEWK: Have you ever heard of theNEWK.com?

Debo: What self-respectin New Kensingtonian/Arnoldonian/Lower Burrellite hasn’t? Your site is funnier than a barrel of drunk monkeys. Hey that was pretty funny, good one Debo. I like all the little bits of info about the AK Valley, I mean you guys have all things New Ken in there, pretty cool. Nice job ladies and gentlemen, your video for New Ken’s Holiday Parade should get an award, especially the choice of music. You definitely get the Debo Award for Excellence and your trophy is dun, dun, dun, a RUBBER CHICKEN!!!!!

theNEWK: How many other clowns have you been in a car with, at the same time?

Debo: Only did it once and lost count at 12, it can get pretty pungent in a Volkswagon right after lunch. Now I know why clowns charge extra for that kind of action.

theNEWK: What is the best event you have participated in, and why?

Debo: My first was New Ken’s Community Days a few years ago and it seems to get better every year. I see lots of my friends from the year before and some of them actually remember me. It’s a privilege to work with/for our brave men and women in the New Ken and Arnold Volunteer Fire Departments. Mad props to any of you guys reading this, and THANK YOU for your service. I hope to be back again this year.

theNEWK: Would you ever consider teaching us how to make balloon animals? (Other than snakes, we are pretty good at making those already.)

Debo: Of course, I’ll show you how to make an outstanding worm. It may look like a snake, but we all know it’s a worm.

theNEWK: Other than cotton candy, funnel cakes and popcorn…what do clowns like to eat?

Debo: I used to eat retired clowns, but they started to taste funny, so I gave that up. I eat lots of pies now, especially the ones that get smashed in my face. Then I wash it all down with a bottle of seltzer water.

theNEWK: Do you have hobbies?

Debo: Chasing cars, digging up yards, taking naps under the porch……oh wait , that’s from when I was a dog. I don’t have any hobbies now.

theNEWK: Who is the most famous person that you’ve entertained. (Not including us)

Debo: Not including you? Wow, that’s a tuffy. I think I made balloon hats for the daughters of Marty Griffin from KDKA radio. He’s much better looking in person than on the radio.

theNEWK: How often do you need a new tire for you unicycle?

Debo: It needs rotated every 10,000 rotations. I keep a spare handy, but I try not to use it, cause I get too tired from carrying it. Sorry about that, but if I don’t make jokes like that, I get hit with a dirty sock.

theNEWK: What about this area, do you like the most?

Debo: I like the fact that we have so many brain surgeons, and that they like to disguise themselves as bums. Really though, I like how everyone knows and looks out for each other. There is always so much happening that its hard to keep up. Particularly in the summer with New Ken’s Community Days, and at Christmas time. The parade and gathering at City Hall, Santa on the back of a fire truck going street to street is a cool new tradition. It’s a New Ken/Arnold thang. Also the National Night out, when our brave men and women go door to door, and meet with neighborhood kids…..actions speak louder than words no doubt.

theNEWK: Would you like a chance to plug your websites, upcoming events, and your services? If so, go for it…

Debo: Alright everyone get your pens ready. You can check me out on my official site www.debotheclown.com

You can also:

Tweet me www.twitter.com/debotheclown

Space me www.myspace.com/debotheclown

Tube me www.youtube.com/debothecoolestclown

Face me www.facebook.com/debotheclown

As far as events, I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Auto Show on Feb, 13th from noon to 3, then later that day its off to the Strongland Chamber of Commerce Home Show at Pittsburgh Mills Mall, from 6 to 9. Make sure you come and get a balloon, or do some juggling, or do a magic trick with me. Check me out to see where I’ll be publicly, and don’t forget to book early for a birthday party, that you’ll soon not forget, as you will completely lose your mind. Visit me on Facebook for special “Fans of Debotheclown” discounts. Contact Debo for the best birthday party in the area.
724—777-0438 mail@debotheclown.com Come get yo clown on!!!!

theNEWK: What was your favorite and least favorite question that you just answered?

Debo: I forget, as I have short term memory loss. What did you say?

We would like to thank Debo for the interview.

We would also like to thank him for being 100%
serious, during said interview.

Please don't hesitate to give him a call, for any and
all of your family entertainment needs.

We promise...you'll thank us.


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