Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Need To Know

Today is a good day.

We got an email from Frank the Stank.

It's more of a public service announcement.



Yo newk

Some peeople ain't right. and here are sum things they need to know. First is they need to learn to drive when its slippy out. I was at Sheetz gettin some wraps then this dude almost ran me off da road by the stadium bar so I stopped in and got a 40 of mgd. Then I saw kids doin donuts in the valley lot and that ain't cool. Cause donuts is delicious and they deserve ur respect. not to be made fun of. And another thing is when you at the bar and a guy tells tha girl that they drink is too sweet, its cause they just want a free shot in it. I know whatsup.

One love
Frank the stank


Thanks to Frank, for dropping some winter time knowledge on us.

We are more than grateful.


Lucy said...

Call me blonde (which I am)...but could you ask Frank what "mgd" is and why did he have to get 40 of 'em?

Lucy said...

Never mind...the Mayor saw my comment and explained it to me! Thanks anyway. (see I told you he read the NewK)

theNEWK said...

We are happy you got that worked out.

For those of you that don't have the mayor in your corner, keeping you up to date with all the hippest lingos, a "40 of mgd" is a 40oz bottle of beer of Miller Genuine Draft.

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