Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back Back Back...

We are baseball fans, here at theNewk.

Last night was the All-Star Game Home Run Derby.

After we got done cleaning up branches and crap in our yard,
thanks to the storm, we cracked a cold beer and watched
some long-ball hitters.

We tried like hell to find a story to write about, but nothing
interesting jumped out at us.

So here is a story about one of our little league games from
many moons ago...

The score was 5-7.

We were on the losing side of that score.

It was the bottom of the 5th, and the bases were jacked full of Eagles.

Our fearless leader, who was already 3-3 for the day, with 2 dingers
already under his belt was at bat.

The pitcher had a look of fear in his eyes, the likes of which had never
been seen at the Valley 4-fields.

And the catcher had bubble guts, something fierce.

Not only could he hear the rumbles of the catchers belly, he caught
a whiff or two of some nerve ridden stinkers.

Knowing they didn't want to walk a run in, they decided to pitch
to the NK All-Star.

That was not a good idea.

The first pitch he saw got smoked over the right field fence and
into the creek.

As #21 trotted the bases, the catcher's stench was blown off along
the base paths.

As he crossed home plate, he got a smile and a wink from his
proud father.

The final score was 9-7.

And the team got taken to dairy queen on Freeport Rd.

Now that... was a good day.

We love baseball.


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