Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Fishy About This Truck

Last week, just across the river, a local man went diving
in the Allegheny River, to retrieve his buddy's
submerged fishing gear.

Instead of finding some lures and poles, he found a 1998
dark blue GMC Sonoma.

The truck was registered to State Farm, and was reported
stolen back in 2003.

There are some strange things about this.

(As if a truck being in the river isn't strange enough?)

It doesn't appear on the national crime computer list, as
it should be.

The headlights and taillights were painted black.
(Which makes it very suspicious to say the least.)

The registration was renewed on the same day it was
reported stolen.


One man comes to mind...

Franco will crack this case.

Police believe the pickup was in the river for 8 years.

We believe we've snagged this damn truck many a times
while catfishing.

We also believe this truck will be in the front row of Advantage
Auto Sales, right under the Doc Agostino billboard within a week.


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