Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Choices Are Impossible


We are passionate about it.
We love to talk about it.
We love to prepare it.
We love to eat it.

Many people/places get downright competitive over it.

Here are some of the more famous food rivals we can
think of...

Pat's King of Steaks
Geno's Steaks

Two delicious cheese steak shops that are right across
the street from one another.

Chicago Style Pizza
New York City Pizza
(aka: Deep Dish vs. Fold-a-Slice)

Two totally different styles that battle for pizza pie supremacy.

Kansas City Style BBQ
Texas Style BBQ

There is no loser in this race.

But a new rivalry is giving these others a run for their wieners.

We first noticed these food foes a few years back.

While we shopped for others people's junk, we kept catching
a whiff of grilled deliciousness.

We were on the corner of Vernon and Pleasant in the Mt. Vernon
section of the Newk, on a sunny Saturday morning of the yearly
event of yard sales.

We couldn't tell which direction it was coming from.

Turns out...

It was both directions.

And after a few more years of the big yard sale events, we
have come to know both dog makers well.

If you don't know them... you should.

And will, after today.

Separated by a soft 7-iron (about 155 yards), are the dog masters
known to locals as...

The Original Char-Dog
(on Vernon)


Frank's Franks
(on Pleasant)

Two distinct styles, and both delicious.

Some of the main features are...

The Original Char-Dog:
- Grilled heavy on a Weber style charcoal grill
- Offered w/w bacon or kraut
- The now infamous cardboard sign
- Underground/Cult type following

Frank's Franks:
- The signature Frank cut down the center of the dog
-Grilled tenderly on a gas grill
- Wide variety of fixins including Frank's Own Chili Sauce
- Claims to be the first to vend dogs at the MVYS

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

First off... Frank's Franks:

Here is The Original Char-Dog:

(Even the Mennonites love a good Char-Dog)


So, have you had either?

If so, which do you prefer?


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Missed ya yet AGAIN!!! Are you a ninja???!!!

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