Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pointing Fingers

First off, this is our 600th post.


We already know we're awesome,
but feel free to
tell us again.

Okay, back to the Newk...

It turns out, the New Ken/Arnold school district has been flagged
for possible test cheating.

We are not happy about these allegations at all.

The Dept of Education lists 35 schools in Pa., that they say showed
answer patterns and erasures that make the results suspicious.

The tests they speak of were conducted in 2009.

Fort Crawford was named one of 13 schools in 09 as a national
Blue Ribbon school, based on the increase in average of the previous

Now those results are in question.

As well as many other things.

Jobs and salaries were determined by these scores, as well as additional
funding for the districts.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

But we are hopeful that everything comes back kosher.

Seriously... if we did that well, of course many answers will be the same.

Because the kids got them correct.


We're tired.

Have a great Thursday.


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