Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weed And See... Ya

It looks as if the money for the Weed and Seed program
has dried up like some old chronic.

The program that was helping clean up violent crime and
drug sales in the Newk started back in 2002.

It has resulted in thousands of arrests, and taken many drugs
and guns off of our fair streets.

But the fight to get funding back is long from over.

Mayor Guzzo is planning on fighting for those funds to be restored.

And we are in his corner, if he were to need a little extra muscle.

And we mean little, cause we aren't nearly as
powerful as we'd
like to think we are.

We hear State Rep. Evankovich is also on the case.

We fully believe this program has help the city.

We would like it to continue.

Maybe we should all write the governor?


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