Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smoke Em If Ya Got Em

Being former smokers, we took an interest to the recent
trend of "loose tobacco" shops.

No, these shops aren't promiscuous.

They sell loose tobacco and rolling papers, and the taxes are
significantly less than a pack off the shelf.

From what we hear, a carton of name brand smokes costs nearly
$70 in our region.

A carton of self rolled snags?

That'll only cost you about $27.

And some of these places even have a big ol' rolling machine that
spits out your squares like you just hit the jackpot at the Rivers Casino.

The fine people at these shops will even blend different tobaccos
to get close to the normal brand you smoke.

Not bad.

And not only are they cheaper, they just might be better for you.

Healthy cigarettes?

Not quite.

But they do have none of the over 600 additives put in store
bought smokes.

Now, lawmakers are getting pissy, because they don't want to
lose out on tax money.

God knows they can't afford a salary cut.

(Did you sense the sarcasm in that last sentence?)

So who knows how long these shops will remain in business.

But, for now, you can head up to Natrona Heights Plaza and smoke
to your heart's (er... lung's) content.


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