Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is It Worth It?

We saw some numbers from local municipalities, talking
about how many fireworks citations were given out
over the 4th.

Leading the way was Harrison (Natrona/Heights) with 20.

Their number was likely higher due to a house catching on
fire last year due to fireworks.

Coming in second was Tarentum with a solid 7.

Well done to them.

Oakmont had 3 complaints, but the suspects fled the scene
before the police arrived.

Brick roads make for slow driving.

Washington Township had no complaints, and no citations.

Boring. Pfffftttt.

Arnold, New Ken and Lower Burrell have not released any figures
as of yet.

But if the Newk cops were citing people, it wasn't hard to find em.

Rockets were whizzing by our windows till well in the morning.

Not that we're grumpy old codgers.

We liked them actually.

We're just saying.

We were safe though, cause we had our sparklers going.

Yeah, we're badasses.



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