Friday, July 29, 2011

Yum Yum Eat Em Up

As you know, we like to tell you about great local restaurants, owned by local people.

It's one of "our things."

And in real life, we try to eat at very few chain type establishments.

Not cause we don't like them.

We just prefer to support local businesses.

And we really try not to eat at fast food places.

Sure, there's the late night JBC from Wendy's, or even a burrito from Taco Bell if we've really tied one on.

But all in all, we try to steer clear.

There's one place that holds a spot in our bellies, that needs satisfied every so often...

and that place is Burger King.

Damn, they do it right.

Yesterday we treated ourselves to some of there delicious morsels.

It was amazing.

Chicken sandwiches and Jr. Whoppers flew down our gullets with great haste.

It was food heaven.

Too bad the closest one is in Harmarville.

It's probably a good thing its kinda far away.

As the buttons on our shorts are already stressed enough.

Have a great weekend.

(You know you are getting some BK this weekend.)


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