Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Picture Help

Every Monday for over the last 2 years, we've posted a
random picture featuring something local.

Many of our readers from around the country always tell
us how happy seeing different things from "home" makes
living far away a little easier.

We like doing it because it gives us a day off, for the
most part.

Now, we like randomly snapping pictures as we drive around this
great town of ours.

But we would also like to see the town through your eyes.

So we would like to ask you a favor.

Take some pictures of things around here.

Maybe you've already taken a good picture?

And send them to us, so we can post them for everyone to enjoy.

It's easy!

Our email address is


Please know, that by sending us a picture, you are allowing us
to post it here on our site.

We don't own it.
We won't make money off of it.
Hell, we may not even look at it.
(That's a total lie)

We expect our inbox to be full by tomorrow...


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