Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Seriously, it's Tuesday already?

What the hell happened to the weekend?

We remember having fun.

But that's about it.

We also remember our neighbors blasting off fireworks
until about 2:13am this morning.

But we didn't mind at all.

We don't mind at all that our neighbor's son rides a beat up
girls bicycle, but they have enough disposable income
to light up the sky like the, well... Fourth of July.

Maybe you'll get that new bike next year, Tommy Jr?

We really aren't feeling all that great today, so we're gonna
wrap this thing up for today.

We hope you had a great holiday.

Email us some pictures of your party.

We'll post em for everyone to enjoy.


HB, A!
29 ain't so bad.

GL, C.


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